House Specialties

salad niçoise….. organic mesclun greens, haricot vert, chilled redskin potatoes, tomatoes, olives, hard boiled egg, artichoke hearts, pan seared sushi grade yellow fin tuna 17 dinner portion 27 portabella 12

brie quesadilla….. brie cheese, spinach flatbread w/ caramelized fennel & red onion marmalade, served w/ mango salsa & fresh fruit 10

maza “tiny bites of food”….. hummus, marinated imported olives & artichoke hearts, smoked red peppers, cucumber mint salad, grape tomato compote, marinated eggplant, olive tapenade, feta & grilled halaumi cheese w/ zaatar pita bread for one 7 for many 11

game hero….. a twist to the traditional gyro, assembled w/ shaved lamb & wild boar, stuffed in a pita w/ red onion, tomato, mesclun greens, & tzatziki sauce, served w/ a small greek salad 10

tuna bowl ….. sesame crusted sushi grade ahi, lemongrass rice, stir fried vegetables, sauces, preserved ginger 17 dinner portion 27

eggplant cannelloni….. eggplant rolls filled w/ ricotta, herbs, pureed cauliflower & garlic, baked w/ house-made tomato sauce & fresh mozzarella. a great low carb/fat option!!! 9

brown dog crab cake….. phat new england style crab cake served w/ basil bleu slaw, fries, rémoulade & seasoned oils 12